Used G. A. Pfretzschner 3/4 Double Bass - All Solid

A used, all solid G. A. Pfretzschner 3/4 Double Bass! This beautiful upright looks, feels, and sounds amazing! The instrument is in almost brand new condition, with an immaculate, unmarked, glossy finish. Its neck is thin and its fingerboard is not overly curved, which results in a comfortable, very playable bass. Its timbre is full, yet punchy, deep, yet present and balanced very well across the strings. All of these factors make the G. A. Pfretzschner 3/4 Double Bass an amazing instrument. It also comes with a bag and an unhaired German style bow.

SKU: USED083 Retail Price: $5,999.99 Our Price: $5,999.99
In Stock Manufacturer: Pfretzschner Color:
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