Boyce Symphony No. 8 First Movement - Mixed Woodwind Ensemble

A composer, arranger, and master organist of the 18th century, William Boyce was popular in the English baroque era. When the new music of Mozart, J.C. Bach, and others overtook the public ear, Boyce's works were neglected and were only rediscovered in the early 20th century by Constant Lambert, who would champion his works. The eight symphonies (most of which were originally vocal or stage works) were first published in a modern edition in 1928 and have enjoyed a rebirth on the musical scene. His symphonies, in particular, are now acknowledged to be among the most played and most loved of any English Baroque musical works. Of the symphonies, only the eighth was originally conceived as an orchestral work. In Thorne's arrangement, the first movement (Pomposo/Allegro) becomes a wonderful program piece for large wind ensemble. For advanced ensembles.

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Arranger: Melanie Thorne Publisher: SempreMusicPubl Voicing: MiscEns
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