Yamaha F0141130 Valve Guide Washer for Low Brass Instruments

Alto Horn (Tenor Horn): YAH-100S YAH-201 YAH-201S YAH-202 YAH-202S YAH-601ST YAH-601T
Flugel Horn: YFH-631 YFH-631G YFH-631GS YFH-6310Z YFH-6310ZG YFH-6310ZGL YFH-6310ZS YFH-635T YFH-635ST YFH-731 YFH-8310Z YFH-8310ZS YFH-8315G YFH-8315GS
Baritone Horn: YBH-100S YBH-201 YBH-301 YBH-301(2) YBH-301S YBH-301S(2) YBH-621 YBH-621(2) YBH-621S YBH-621S(2) YBH-831 YBH-831S
Euphonium: YEP-100S YEP-100SA YEP-201 YEP-201(2) YEP-201S YEP-201S(2) YEP-201M YEP-201MS YEP-211 YEP-211(2) YEP-211S YEP-211S(2) YEP-321 YEP-321(2) YEP-321S YEP-321S(2) YEP-621 YEP-621(2) YEP-621S YEP-621S(2) YEP-641 YEP-641(2) YEP-641S YEP-641S(2) YEP-642 YEP-642(NEO) YEP-642S YEP-642S(NEO) YEP-842S
BBb Tuba: YBB-100S YBB-103(2) YBB-103S(2) YBB-104 YBB-104S YBB-105 YBB-105S YBB-105M YBB-105MS YBB-110S YBB-201(2) YBB-201S(2) YBB-201M YBB-201MSYBB-202M YBB-202MS YBB-321(2) YBB-321S(2) YBB-621 YBB-621S YBB-631 YBB-631S YBB-632 YBB-632SC
Tuba: YCB-621 YCB-621S YCB-822 YCB-822SEEb
Tuba: YEB-201 YEB-201S YEB-201M YEB-201MS YEB-321 YEB-321S YEB-381 YEB-381S YEB-631SF
Tuba: YFB-621 YFB-621S YFB-822 YFB-822S
Sousaphone: YSH-301(2) YSH-301S(2) YSH-301(3) YSH-411 YSH-411S

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