Couch Vinyl Artist Series Timber! Strap BRN

We were at The Patchwork Indie Crafts Fair in Long Beach last year and we noticed a long line of hipster kids waiting in line to buy $20 t-shirts from designer Timber! and decided to get in line our self because the shirts were great. They also sell tons off their Etsy page. Anyway, this year we contacted them and asked to make a strap. Luckily they were cool and now we present to you the Couch Limited Edition Artist Series Timber! Guitar Strap.

Timber designer Chad made this design especially to fit on a strap, and as you can see from the pictures, Couch Sewing Captain Jay is loving the strap! Available in Forest Flannel Red or Tree Trunk Brown. Please indicate your choice in the "Comments" section of your order, if no comments we'll assume Forest Flannel Red. Also available as a small run camera strap.

SKU: A024 Retail Price: $45.00 Our Price: $45.00
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