Haydn Concerto in D Maj - Viola & Piano

Violists, constantly on the lookout for music with which to enlarge and enrich the all-too-limited repertoire for their instrument, will welcome this expert transcription of one of the greatest and most popular concerti for cello and orchestra.

Haydn composed his Cello Concerto in D Major in 1783 for the noted Bohemian cellist Anton Kraft who, from 1788 until its disbandment in 1790, was first cellist in Prince Nicholas EsterhA?zyA's orchestra under HaydnA's direction. Though the concerto was first published by AndrA© in Offenbach in 1810 as being by Haydn, for nearly a century and a half some doubt existed as to the true authorship of the work. A number of people, including KraftA's son, claimed that Kraft who had studied composition for a time with Haydn, had written the concerto. It was not until the early 1950s, when HaydnA's autograph score, which had reposed in a private collection, was turned over to the Austrian National Library in Vienna, and its authenticity as a work of the master was established once and for all.

The Concerto in D Major is in three movements. The first movement, Allegro moderato, has an opening subject that strongly resembles the slow section of LeporelloA's Catalogue Aria in MozartA's Don Giovanni A-- which, however, was not written until four years after the concerto. The second movement is a lyrical Adagio, and the third is a light-hearted Allegro in rondo form. There is a cadenza for the solo instrument in each of the three movements.

The concerto, which is a brilliant and attractive work that makes many technical and musical demands upon the soloist, has been skillfully transcribed by Alfred Spitzner so that it lays extremely well for the viola, providing an effective vehicle for that instrument.

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