Yoshimatsu Pleiades Dances 3 4 & 5

"Pleiades" is a small cluster of seven stars, that are located just around the shoulder of the constellation Taurus. Its Japanese name is "Subaru". Named after these stars, this Pleiades Dances are the results of my attempt to create "a new form of preludes for the modern piano". They are written on the subjects of the seven colors of rainbow, the seven tones of various modes, and the seven rhythms in variation.
Simultaneously, they are the etudes in which the J.S. Bach's Inventions are projected on the present age through a polarized prism, the transcriptions of imaginary dance music played in fantastical four-dimentional space spreading from ancient times to future and the tiniest dance suites composed only of dots and lines.
Seven pieces make up one suite of music, and each suite takes some 10 minutes to play. These pieces can be played selectively or in free combinations. It may also be enjoyable to play with the rhythm by a small percussion instrument like the triangle or the tambourine.

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