Radial Tonebone Switchbone ABY Amp Switcher

The ultimate AB-Y guitar amp switcher! Switchbone is a creative tool that is designed to allow your guitar to drive and control two amplifiers without introducing noise, distortion, clicks or pops. Most importantly, the Switchbone will retain the natural sound and feel of your instrument.

The Switchbone employs the same Class-A circuit as the critically acclaimed Radial JD7 Injector for exceptional audio performance. Our unique Drag™ control provides single-knob load correction to re-introduce the natural relationship between the amp and guitar pickup that is invariably lost when the guitar is buffered or split to drive two amps. To eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, the Switchbone’s second output is transformer equipped for 100% isolation. A 180º polarity reverse switch keeps both amps in phase.

Radial's acclaimed VariBoost™ power booster gives you complete foot-switchable control over boost gain and mid boost for soloing. The innovative ‘ToggleMode™’ footswitch with large flashing LED's simplifies switching and eliminates tap dancing. The tuner output is always on for quick tune-ups and buffered to keep your signal path clean.

-AB-Y switcher – Class-A for exceptional audio
-Noiseless photocell switching between amplifiers
-Exclusive Drag™ control pickup load correction
-Built-in Power Boost circuit with mid control
-Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops

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