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Instructor Detail

Mamadou Traore
Hand Percussion
530 204.9054

Learn African drumming, from the basics to the subtle nuances, from a local musician with authentic African roots.

Mamadou Traore was born and raised in the north part of the Ivory Coast.  The Traore family, originally from Mali, is of the Mandingo tribe, famous makers of the highest quality Djembe African drums.  Mamadou grew up playing rhythmic African music and its Western derivatives like reggae and jazz.  Drumming was an important part of worship for his people, speaking to God and ministering comfort and healing to the human spirit.

Mamadou immigrated to New York in 1986 and has lived in Davis since 2004, selling African art and playing drums and electric bass with local music groups.  Young or old, you will appreciate Mamadou's gentle spirit, his encouraging teaching style, and his knowledge of music genres and the drums themselves.