Watermelon Music offers private instruction for most instruments, with 18 teaching studios upstairs at our Davis location. Lesson availability and pricing varies from instructor to instructor. For more information about private instruction times and rates, please contact individual instructors directly.

Instructor Detail

Alex McCarthy-Donovan

I have a Bachelor\'s Degree in Vocal Performance from The New England Conservatory and a Master\'s Degree in Music Education from The Boston Conservatory at Berkley School of Music. I have Teacher Credentials from the state of California and Massachusetts in Music.

Over the past 15 years I worked both as a performer, educator, and private voice instructor. As a musician, I have sung with numerous choruses, both sacred and secular, as a featured soloist in the United States and South Korea. I have also had jobs as a section leader and soloist in churches, worked as a conductor and music director for churches, and have and still sing for weddings and funerals.   

As an educator, I have worked as a music teacher at all grade levels ranging from k-12 music, chorus, band, and orchestra. Currently, I teach music at the Dixon Unified Elementary Schools as a music teacher and conduct a small private children\'s orchestra that I started last year. I hope to expand my private teaching practice at Watermellon Music to help people find their voice to sing out and sing with confidence. 

As a private voice instructor, I have taught voice to students whose ages have ranged from elementary students, who want to sing their favorite pops, to high school and college students whose goals are to pursue a major in voice or musical theatre, to elderly singers who wish to improve their singing for their church choirs. As a Classically trained musician, I emphasize the importance of developing and practicing good posture, diaphramic breathing, and healthy, natural vocal technique and singing.  The foundation for all good singing begins with breath managment and natural phonation. By understanding some of these basics of vocal pedagogy, a singer can better understand how their body functions to produce the sounds they desire, and the sound through  proper breath control, which will allow for one to be able to sing their favorite songs beautifully and musically in a healthy and natural way.