Backline/Pro Audio Rentals

Watermelon Music offers professional backline equipment rentals.  Prices shown are per day.  Discounts are available for longer term rentals. Contact us for more information.

Sound Reinforcement

QSC K-10 1000w Powered Speaker $35/Day Each - 2 Available
QSC K-12 1000w Powered Speaker $35/Day Each - 2 Available
QSC K-SUB 1000w Powered Subwoofer $45/Day Each - 2 Available
Allen & Heath ZED-12FX Passive Mixer $30/Day
Phonic SonicStation 16-Channel Passive Mixer $30/Day
Audio Technica 2000-Series Wireless Mic/Inst System $30/Day Each - 2 Available
Audio Technica ATM410a Vocal Mic with Stand/Cable $8/Day Each - 6 Available
Audio Technica ATM650 Inst Mic with Stand/Cable $8/Day Each - 4 Available
Audio Technica MB4K Condenser Mic w/ Stand/Cable $8/Day Each - 2 Available


Premier Marquis Professional Maple Set $100/day

4-5 Piece Kit w/ Cymbals configurable from the following:

Bass Drum: Premier Marquis 16”x18” or 18”x20”
Snare Drum: Ludwig Classic Maple 5.5”x14”
Rack Toms: Premier Marquis 8”x10”,9”x12”, 9”x13”
Floor Toms: Premier Marquis 14”x14”,16”x16”
Crash Cymbals: A. Zildjian 14”, 16”,18” Thin Crash
Ride Cymbal: A. Zildjian 20” MediumRide
Splash Cymbals: A. Zildjian 8”, 10”Splash
Hi-Hats: A. Zildjian 14” New Beat
Premier & Gibraltar Stands  
DW5000 Bass Drum Pedal  

Hand Percussion:

Latin Percussion Professional Series

LP Percussion & Gibraltar Stands & Mounting Hardware

11” Fiberglass Quinto w/Stand $25/day
11.75” Fiberglass Conga w/Stand $25/day
12.5” Fiberglass Tumba w/Stand $25/day
Fiberglass Bongo Pair w/Stand $25/day
13” & 14” Tito Puente Timbales w/Stand $30/day
ES2 Salsa Cha-Cha Cowbell $4/day


Kurzweil PC88MX 88-Note Weighted Keyboard w/Stand $55/day

Instrument Amplifiers:

Fender 65 Twin Reissue Guitar Amplifier $35/day
Roland JC120 Stereo Guitar Amplifier $35/day
Crate TaxiTX30 Taxi Portable Mini Amp $35/day
SWR BASS750 Bass Amplifier Head $35/day
SWR Goliath Sr. 6x10” Speaker Cabinet $30/day
Ampeg B3 Acoustic Bass Amplifer $30/day
Fender KXR200 Keyboard Amplifier $30/day