Used Vintage 50's Kent Snare Drum

This drum is FUNKY! Kent drums were a semi affordable American made drum company in the 50's and 60's. They made many configurations and finishes on their drums, which have become very collectable and sought after within the drum community throughout the years. This drum is definitely well loved. It's shells are all maple has the dual adjustment tuning system tightens both top and bottom head simultaneously to a surprisingly accurate degree. This drum is signifigantly out of round but tunes up very well. Sadly, most of the badge is missing except the very bottom which makes it identifiable as a Kent. All heads were replaced, along with the snares themselves. This snare has that classic vintage sound of the 50's that so many people look for, and looks the part as well. For the collector, or the die hard vintage player looking for a unique and inexpensive snare, this drum is for you.

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