Webern Three Piano Works - A Critical Edition

The three piano works in this edition present a microcosmic view of Webern's compositional style. Upon first hearing, one might be tempted to dismiss the overt Romanticism of the early works as pure juvenilia that eventually gave way to the pointillism of the composer's mature works. The early piano works, however, stand up well against other turn-of-the-century masterworks such as Berg's well-loved Op. 1 piano sonata, and they serve as a reminder of Webern's Romantic roots. Performing and hearing these three works in short succession reminds the listener that the extended counterpoint and lush lyricism of Webern's youth continues to be manifest in the mature works, although it is recast on a distinctly minute and delicate scale. It is hoped that this edition will allow children and adults alike to experience at the keyboard the full breadth of Webern's compositional style, and to appreciate its paradoxical diversity and subtle interconnectedness.

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