Realist SoundClip Pickup for Violin

The Realist Soundclip for Violin & Viola is a pickup to amplify your instrument. It installs and removes in a matter of seconds, and requires no long term installation.

Experience the sound isolation of an electric instrument, with the clean and warm sound of your acoustic instrument. Forget permanent installation, modifying your bridge, or messy putty. The Soundclip can be installed when you need it, removed for when you don't and you can move it from instrument to instrument.

- 1/4" Jack (so no adapters needed)
- No Preamp (no battery or charging required)
- Minimal Design (Very little impact to the natural sound of your instrument)
- Carrying case for storage
- Comes with additional/replacement cork pads

SKU: RVSC Retail Price: $399.99 Our Price: $269.99
In Stock Manufacturer: DavidGage Color:
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