Quantum SQL-Series Microphone Cables - 3'

The Quantum SQLM (Studio Quality Low impedance Mic) cable series is designed with the professional user in mind. SQLM cables combine outstanding audio performance with durability to make this cable ideal for both recording studio environments and live sound touring applications.

The SQLM series utilize Q-3200 cable, featuring a four conductor starquad design of the inner conductors. Each of the four individual conductors are composed of an extremely fine gauge of oxygen-free high conductivity copper stranding to provide you with the finest fidelity possible. To help preserve the quality of the audio signal, conductor insulators are formulated from special compounds, which minimize cable capacitance. This insulation material produces extremely constant electrical values with capacitance measurements that are typically 10% to 25% lower than many other four conductor designs currently offered by other manufacturers. By lowering the overall capacitance of the cable, the high range frequency response of the audio signal is improved.

SQLM series cables utilize heavy duty, hand soldered, Amphenol-brand XLR connectors with the patented “Jaws” strain relief system and machined contacts.

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