Handmade Locally Grown Gourd Shekere-Plastic Beads

This lovely handmade shekere looks as good as it sounds. It is made from a medium sized gourd grown right in the makers back yard in Vacaville, CA. The craftsmanship of this instrument is fantastic. The plastic beads have a crisp sound and nice attack, but are slightly darker than glass beads. The beads are securely hand netted to the body in an attractive design with an eye catching display of green, black, and yellow. The gourd is very sturdy yet resonant, and offers a great bass note. The pitch on this one is a bit higher, but very audible nonetheless. Much more resonance than your mass manufactured plastic and fiberglass shekeres. Many hours went into making this fantastic instrument and it's obvious in the end product.

SKU: USED204 Retail Price: $135.00 Our Price: $135.00
Out of Stock Manufacturer: N/A Color: Silver
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