Grombal Cymbal Mount - Red

The Grombal is an innovative way to mount your cymbals that helps to protect them from the normal wear and tear of drumming. It is simply constructed and durable, and works by reducing the contact area on the top of your cymbal while also providing isolation from felts or bare washer support. It also decreases the shoulder diameter, which creates longer sustain.

The one-piece flexible design presses into the cymbal’s center hole and stays put. It has a low total profile that allows you to stack your cymbals in your cases without removing the Grombal cymbal mount. For drummers and drum techs alike, there is now a simple way to mount and protect your cymbals with fewer loose parts.

SKU: GRCR Retail Price: $9.99 Our Price: $5.99
In Stock Manufacturer: Panyard Color: Red
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